Phase Standard

Model 5500-2

  • 1 m° Phase Resolution
  • 5m° Phase Accuracy
  • 1 Hz to 200 kHz
  • 50mv to 120V rms Outputs
  • Amplitude Accuracy Typically 0.3% to 100kHz
  • Output Current >15mA
  • Phase Accuracy Maintained for 1000:1 Amplitude Ratios
  • -80dB Typical Distortion


Only single keystrokes on clearly labeled keys are required to enter all of the parameters into the Model 5500-2 Phase Standard. A large bright display shows Phase, Frequency and both output Amplitudes at all times.

The combination of excellent phase accuracy, excellent amplitude accuracy and low distortion from each channel make the Model 5500-2 Phase Standard ideal for calibrating Phase Meters, Vector Voltmeters, Broadband Wattmeters and Power Analyzers, Resolvers and other Phase Sensitive Instruments.

The Model 5500-2 Phase Standard contains an Autozero function which measures the output phase at ±90° and makes an internal correction to remove any phase errors between the two output channels. The Autozero operation, which takes less than 0.25 sec., is activated automatically each time an amplitude or frequency is changed. It may also be activated manually.


5500-2 Datasheet